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Here are some of the websites Stephanie has designed and created and/or maintains.  The sites were created using WordPress as a platform for content management and thereby giving the opportunity to reduce maintenance costs, if desired.  Each site is a bespoke design, tailored made to the client’s requirements.  All are responsive.   The older sites are in HTML, CSS and PHP.  All of them feature highly on internet searches.

She also creates artwork; and recently for Kingston Bagpuize House and posters for Living the Drama’s productions.



#Penetration new play
Eugene O'Neill
Curious Case of Lady Fowler Poster
LTD Go for it Girl Care Tour Poster Sept 2018
Swallows Poster
Course Poster 2019
Living the Drama Poster Oct 2017
mias 2018
Living the Drama Poster
Monaco-Ireland Arts Society Poster
Birds of Prey Poster
Kingston Bagpuize House Ad
Living the Drama Playwriting Course Poster